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Throne: Kingdom at War Gameplay Video - Ига игра и еще игра

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Throne: Kingdom of War is a medieval online strategy game. Available now on iOS, Android and PC.

Lead your army of knights to victory and claim the kingdom as your own. Fight for resources, territory and dominion over the land and its inhabitants.

Ruling over a kingdom isn’t something you can achieve without hard work and sharp skills. It requires cunning, strategy and diplomacy to defeat even the weakest of enemies.

But you have to start somewhere. This is where the Throne: Kingdom at War beginners guide comes into play. Take your first steps into a medieval realm of fierce warriors and roughless rivals. Follow this gameplay guide and you’ll soon be on your way to rule this epic strategy MMO game.

Learn how to expand your Town, construct new buildings, collect precious resources and band with other Lords to defeat clans in tournaments.

Send your armies to raid NPCs and other players to win more resources and other rewards. Complete quests to advance in the game. Unlock new units and bonuses by conducting Studies. There’s a lot to do in Throne, so you better get started.

This video also offers tips and guidelines that will help seasoned Lords as well. If you’ve already started playing Throne: Kingdom at War recently, we recommend you want this video to learn more about the game. You might learn something that will give you an edge over your enemies.

Watch the Throne: Kingdom at War video guide, and prepare your armies to war! Your victory is within reach - play Throne and claim it!

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Throne: Kingdom at War Gameplay Video - Ига игра и еще игра